TRADITIONAL SCIENCE - The Science of the Natural World

We must protect our Traditional Knowledge as Intellectual Property.  We have also documented traditional practices in five southern districts when we were engaged in a project implemented by the Kalasalingam College of Pharmacy, Krishnankoil supported by the DSIR, Government of India.

FRSD has been maintaining a library of ancient Palm Leaf Manuscripts (Tamil) on indigenous medicines and traditional medical practices.  These manuscripts have been collected from traditional medical practitioners in rural areas and stored in our library for digitizing.

Traditional Water Purification Technologies

Water is essential for survival. Since time immemorial, all the five elements of Nature are being worshiped by people in our country. In Tamilnadu, our ancestors worshiped Nature and all the five elements and lived in harmony with Nature.  Among these elements, water occupies an important place since there is no life without water on earth.  Water is considered as one of the most important determinants of life and therefore, our ancient Tamil literature, rivers, water bodies and water resources were considered sacred. 

The need of the hour is an environmentally sustainable, cost effective solution for potable water purification at home to benefit our communities drinking microbiologically contaminated impure water. FRSD has been active in documenting traditional water purification technologies found among rural and indigenous communities. The main reason for compiling information on traditional technologies is to rediscover our ancient, traditional methods of sustainable water purification using locally available medicinal plants, seeds and tubers that cleanse water while retaining its natural benefits. An illustrated book in this regard has been compiled and the book is a compilation of traditional water purification technologies, research works and essays on successful practices.