GREEN is a registered non-profit engaged in environment and rural development activities in Theni District, Tamilnadu, India.  FRSD has been working in collaboration with the GREEN for the past six years in mountain regions.  The environmental organization is headed by Mr. P.S. BOSE, M.A., who is young, dynamic and a lover of Nature.  He is a Fellow of the National Virtual Academy promoted by the reputed MS Swaminathan Foundation.  He has received several awards and appreciations from National organizations for his commendable work in Theni District.  GREEN is serving as a link between practice, science and decision making for sustainable development.  GREEN is mainly concerned with environmental conservation and mountain ecosystem in Theni District.  The organization has formed more than one thousand rural women groups and has been empowering the women (rural and indigenous) for self-reliance and solidarity. In the mountain areas such as Kurangani, Megamalai and isolated hilly areas, GREEN has initiated several pro-environmental interventions in natural resource management processes. GREEN has a long-term commitment to rural and indigenous people by maximizing its impact through strong advocacy and grassroots level interventions in various sectors such as sustainable agriculture, environment, women development, and rural development.

GREEN and FRSD have a comprehensive and scientific approach in development process and mountain biodiversity issues for the past six years. WINTERIM INDIA program of the University of IOWA, USA is coordinated by both the organizations. Our partnership will continue to oppose environmentally destructive practices in the Western Ghats Mountains, Theni District, since both the organizations are inspired by Mother Nature.

Power Project is a registered community based organization engaged in rural development activities in Sholavandan of Madurai district.  As a Member of the LEISA, Mr P. Manickamoorthy has vast knowledge on sustainable agriculture, watershed management, traditional knowledge, local governance, women empowerment and Panchayat administration. His experience has been instrumental in carrying out various rural development programs of the FRSD in Madurai District.  We thank him and his organization for his commitment, involvement and coordination of projects.